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Black Hills Gold Jewelry and More has the some of the most beautiful and unique Black Hills Gold Jewelry designs, from traditional, to classic & modern styles.

We offer a wide variety of Black Hills Gold and Black Hills Gold on Silver items such as Pendants, Cameos, Lockets, Earrings, Rings, Bracelets, Watches, Anklets, Brooches, Tie Tacs, Lapel Pins.  All of the jewelry we offer is new and is shipped direct from the manufacturer to you. By cutting out the middleman, we are able to offer you super low prices on these lovely items. According to legend Black Hills Gold Jewelry brings good luck to those who wear it. So go ahead and get yourself some good luck right now!!!

We also offer a large selection of Gemstone Bead Jewelry & Fantastic Wire Wrapped Jewelry. Custom wire wraps are available on request. We have a vast inventory of loose stones & beads to choose from (faceted, cabbed or carved) or send us your special gem to wrap. Our in-house expert has over 20 years experience in wire wrapping.

We also offer many one of a kind and limited production items, so get your special keepsake or gift now. We have no minimum order and offer delivery via USPS anywhere in the 50 states.

Black Hills Gold Jewelry | Rings, Bracelets & Watches

How Black Hills Gold Jewelry is made:

The manufacturing process is very complex and requires over 40 steps to complete each piece.

First an original model is made usually in silver or bronze. Then a rubber mold is made which is injected with molten wax. After the wax cools it is removed from the mold. The wax model is then inspected and any voids are filled. The next the prepared wax models are attached to a wax stem placed in a rubber base. Which forms a tree like structure with the largest items (rings) at the bottom and smaller items (pendants & earrings) at the top.

After assembling the tree a metal cylinder (flask) is placed around the tree in the rubber base. The flask is then filled with a plaster compound (investment) and allowed to set up. After which the rubber base is removed.

Next the flask is placed in a steam dewaxer which most melts out most of the wax. Now the flask is ready to go to the burnout oven for several hours which vaporizes any remaining wax and hardens the plaster compound. Once the burn out cycle is completed you have the mold that the molten gold is poured into. This is then allowed a short cooling period after which the plaster compound is removed form the flask in a process called quenching.

Next the metal castings are removed from the tree and any remaining investment is removed. After which the raw metal castings go to grinding where the sprue (where item was attached to the tree) removed and ground smooth.

Next the castings go to the setup stage where solder is applied and colored leaves are placed for either hand or oven soldering to permanently attach the colored leaves to the cast frame. Now pin posts, brooch parts or earring posts or wires are soldered in place. Next firescale is removed (from hand soldering) the jewelry item is then cleaned and is ready for the pre-polish.

Now the item is ready to be wriggled that is the frosted texture on the leaves. Next the leaves are engraved which is the the bright cuts (veins) on the leaves. For items containg gemstones the next step is to go to the stone setting department.

From here the items go to final polish step. Now on to the diamond cutting department for a little more bling. The item gets one final cleaning. Now the findings such as chains are put on pendants and lever-backs or french hooks are attached to earrings, or catches are added to link bracelets.

Then off to final inspection. After passing inspection the item is packaged & tagged for sale. Most Black Hills Gold Manufacturers estimate it takes approximately 8 hours to produce a single piece of Black Hills Gold Jewelry.


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